Bloom Ball Book Report

Your book must be a chapter book in your AR level.  Please OK the book with me first.  (It is your responsibility to make sure the book is in your AR level).

You will need 12 circles to complete your bloom ball.  On the face of each circle you will write and/or draw information about the book.  Be sure to write in complete sentences. 

DIRECTIONS: After reading your historical fiction book, you will complete each of the following twelve activities.  You will receive twelve different pieces of paper with a hexagon shape that will be put together to create your Bloom Ball.  For each number, you will write the activity on both sides then complete the activity on the blank side.  Please be sure to number each section with the activity # on both sides of the paper. 

1) Write the  TITLE and AUTHOR (spell correctly and plan lettering to fill the space) Make this colorful, neat and fancy.  Put your name on this piece.

Writtern by
Louis Sacher
Created by: Mr. Leslie


2) Research and find four to six interesting facts ABOUT THE AUTHOR.  You may write these facts in a bulleted format.


3) CHARACTER WHEEL – Describe an important/main character.  Put your character’s name in the center of the circle.  Then on the spokes of the wheel write 6 adjectives/descriptive verbs that describe the important character’s personality, feelings, or experiences.


4) Illustrate the SETTING of the story or an important place.  Label the picture and tell what it is about.


5) Illustrate your FAVORITE CHARACTER from the story.  Label and tell who the character is and explain why this character is your favorite.


6) Pick FIVE WORDS that you will define from the story.  It can be words that you find interesting or you want to tell more about. 

    Ex: The name of a place and tell about it, a made up word in your story  and what it means, or words you didn’t know.


    7) Describe the MAIN SEQUENCE of events about the story.  List at least 6-12 facts in order from the beginning to the end of the story.  Use a bullet format.  Be sure to include the dates that the events happened from the book (if known).


    8) WORD SORT – create a chart with the following categories:





    Make a heading to categorize the topics and then list examples from the book in each category.

    Example: Holes






    Yellow Spotted Lizards


    Camp green lake


    Mary Lou the Donkey


    God’s Thumb

    Zig Zag


    Learning to read

    Under a bridge



    Carrying Zero up the Mountain



    9) Give the MAIN PROBLEM in the story and then write about the solution or tell how the problems were solved.


    10) Create a NAME POEM (Acrostic) :  Pick a character and create an acrostic poem about the person.


     11) Illustrate what you think the BOOK COVER should look like.


    12) Develop a NEW ENDING for the story.